Can I pressure wash an asphalt shingle roof?

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What is an asphalt shingle?

When you make a shingle, you aren’t actually making something solid. An asphalt shingle is actually generally pretty soft. Think of a piece of cardboard. Now slap some tar on it. For the top, sprinkle little pebbles all over it. You just made a shingle. Doesn’t sound that solid does it? They are made mainly to absorb and deter rain falling. This means that it absorbs energy from one direction. Unlike a brick or a rock, shingles don’t stand up to impacts from other directions. It is clearly a liability as the shingles will need to be replaced after a specific time. When you think of cleaning them you need to understand the types of cleaning methods so that you don’t destroy the tar paper shingles.

How does pressure washing work?

Pressure washing is also called power washing. So, don’t get the idea that they are different. Pressure washing uses a wand with a power unit that forces the water out of a nozzle at significantly higher velocities than out of a standard hose. The pressure from a power washer can reach up to 3000 or even 4000 psi. That is some high pressure! What would this type of pressure do to your roof? Well, it isn’t a pat on the head. High pressures like these can damage your roof by breaking off the gravel that is attached to the tar paper. This damage that can occur over time requires your roof to be replaced. So, the real question is, do you want to pick a method that is damaging to your roof?

Is there a better way?

Hiring a professional soft washing expert will change how you look at home exterior cleaning. Instead of forcing dirt, grime, and mold, along with bits of the roof off with high-pressure power washing, use soap. It is that simple. Soft washing using detergents just like in your clothes washer to clean the dirt off your roof.

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