Gutter Cleaning Guide – How Much Does It Cost?

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Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice per year to make sure they are working effectively. Clean gutters direct rainwater from your roof away from your home, keeping your foundation and landscape intact. But how much does a professional gutter cleaning cost? While the price depends on the particulars of your home, there are a few averages you can use to eyeball how much the cost will be.

Gutter Cleaning Cost By Linear Foot

The quickest way to calculate how much your gutters will cost is to estimate the linear feet of gutters to be cleaned. On average, the cost of gutter cleaning will be between $1 and $2 per linear foot. Your gutter’s linear foot is calculated by adding the length of all sides of your roof together. If you’re not sure what your home’s linear footage is, you can also calculate the cost by multiplying your home’s square footage by $0.40 ($0.80 for a two-story home).

The average gutter cleaning cost in the United States is around $150.

House Height Differences

The price of your gutter cleaning will also depend on the height of your home. One-story houses typically cost less than two (or more) story homes. Single-story houses typically cost anywhere from $70 to $230 while a house with a second story ranges between $100 and $250. If you have a three-story home, you will probably pay between $170-400. 

Additional Considerations

If your home has not had gutters cleaned in a while, you may pay more than average. Neglected gutters have more debris which can make the job longer and result in gutter repair or replacement.

DIY or Cleaning Service?

If you aren’t sure if paying for gutter cleaning is worth it, make sure you keep in mind all that is involved in proper gutter cleaning. Debris needs to be removed by hand, spouts must be unclogged, the system needs to be flushed, and you have to spend hours going up and down a ladder. Professional cleaning companies take care of all that for you.

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