How Hard Is It To Clean Your Own Gutters?

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Keeping water away from your property is essential to preventing roof and foundation damage. Doing so means having your gutters cleaned at least one to three times per year depending on where you live. But how hard is it to clean your gutters? Is it worth it to use a professional cleaning service, or should you just do it on your own?

Challenges With Gutter Cleaning

If you decide to clean your own gutters, you need to know upfront how much work is involved. The gutter cleaning process typically involves three main steps:

  • Removing Debris – This is the process of getting all the leaves, twigs, seeds, and other things that have collected in your gutter. To do this properly, you need to do it by hand.
  • Unclogging Gutters – Dirt and moss can build up in the gutters and cause downspouts and drains to clog. You need to locate and remove these clogs or water will not be able to flow.
  • Flush the System – Flushing the system with a steady stream of water allows you to check for problem areas before it starts raining.

Each step of the gutter cleaning process involves going to the roof, constantly moving up and down a ladder, and risking serious injury from falls. If you aren’t experienced with gutter cleaning, it probably isn’t worth it to do it yourself.

Things You Might Miss

Something professional gutter cleaners do that the average homeowner doesn’t is know how to spot damage. Left unchecked, damage to your gutters can cause them to fall off. Even worse, unnoticed damage to your roof can turn from a cheap preventative repair to an expensive replacement.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Gutters

If you want to have your gutters cleaned, the best way is to hire a professional gutter cleaning company. In just a few hours, gutter cleaners will remove debris, unclog your downspouts, flush the entire system, run checks for roof and hardware damage, and provide you with before and after documentation. With gutter cleaning being very affordable, it’s usually not worth it to try and clean your gutters yourself.

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