Soft Washing versus Pressure Washing

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Water is a very handy tool to assist in cleaning. People have been using water for getting rid of dirt and germs before they even understood that germs existed. Whether in a river, from a pump, or in a machine, water has helped society clean from the start. Water alone isn’t enough to get stuff truly clean, however. Whatever people seek to get clean, be it clothes, cars, or dishes, soap is needed to really clean. Without soap, water just, well, washes, it doesn’t clean, sanitize, or anything like that. The two are needed together in order to achieve the best results.

Still, sometimes water needs a little help to get the job of cleaning done. One way to provide that help is adding pressure to the mix. The use of pressure is a handy way to do stuff that normally wouldn’t be possible, and that includes cleaning. Pressurized water can be used to clean stuff faster and more effectively than just regular soap and water. That said, there’s different ways to apply water pressure to cleaning. There are different types of cleaning using water pressure to achieve results. One of them is called pressure washing. Pressure washing uses high pressures in order to clean large, durable surfaces quickly and cleanly.

Pressure washing is useful for cleaning rough surfaces that can handle high pressure and heat without taking damage. Grease covered walls in industrial kitchens and dirt covered concrete are excellent examples of this. That said, sometimes you want pressurized water without the high pressure that might damage more delicate surfaces. For this, there’s soft washing. Soft washing uses lower pressure to achieve similar results as pressure washing. An excellent example of soft washing is an automated car wash. Since car windows and frames are a bit more delicate than concrete, soft washing allows the use of pressure, combined with the right sanitizing agents, to get the cleaning done without damaging the car.

There are benefits to both pressure washing and soft washing. Soft washing is ideal for more delicate items like glass that may still need a more robust cleaning job then just a rag and a bucket. Grease and other difficult to clean materials often require a lot more effort to remove by hand. Soft washing drastically reduces that effort, making for a much easier cleaning job that will often provide exceptional results for improved performance.

Also, because soft washing is done at a lower pressure, it uses less water than pressure washing. In hot summers many areas may find themselves with limited water, so a way to clean effectively without using too much water is always welcome. People may think that fresh water is infinite, but it’s not, so the less used for cleaning means more for drinking.

Pressure washing and soft washing have their uses, but soft washing is ideal for gentler cleaning. You wouldn’t wash your car with a fire hose, after all. That’s why soft washing is the washing method of choice for car washes, and roof cleaning.

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