Red River Softwash

Red River Softwash is the original softwash company for the 4-States area. Providing exterior cleaning solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Red River Softwash began as an idea between Broz Powell, Jr. and Kristi Gildon. Broz had previously worked at Red River Army Depot(RRAD) as a heavy equipment mechanic and was on their travel team. He had been with RRAD, Department of Defense in Kuwait and Afghanistan for several years. Upon leaving RRAD, he began Powell Commercial Painting. Kristi had previously been employed as a Pharmaceutical Representative for Pfizer and Wyeth Pharmaceutical companies.

During Broz’s time in the commercial painting industry, he sought a better way to prepare the surfaces for paint. In doing research, he discovered the softwashing process. After lengthy research and comparison of all the options, he chose to begin Red River Softwash. He had a cleaning unit built to the exact specifications needed to provide the best options for clients in our area. Kristi provides education for customers, completes estimates and scheduling.

Red River Softwash serves the 4 states region covering northeast Texas, southwest Arkansas, northeast Louisiana and southwest Oklahoma.

We offer safe and effective exterior cleaning solutions for all residential and commercial customers.  Customers have many options to choose from when considering exterior cleaning.  Many chose the DIY method or may hire a pressure washer.    Educating customers about new safer methods of cleaning is what were about.  Softwashing is new to this area and it is our goal to provide them with the knowledge that softwashing is less damaging and invasive when compared to pressure washing. 

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