Why You Should Not Pressure Wash Your House?

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Do your windows need to be cleaned? Mold and mildew buildup on your siding? Black slime on your roof? Many homeowners that need house washing consider renting a pressure washer from their local hardware store. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot more problems than simple stains and grime. Pressure washing can be extremely damaging to many surfaces. Avoid the repair bill by never pressure washing these surfaces: 

Your Roof

Roofs are designed to withstand rainwater, not 2,800 PSI blasts from a pressure washer. If your roof is made out of aluminum, tin, or shingles, never use a pressure washer on it. Pressure washers can leave dents in tin roofs and knock off the protective coating from shingles. Those small granules are what keep the sun from damaging them, so pressure washing shingles can take years off the life of your roof

Any Electrical Panels

If you have an electrical box or electric meter attached to your house, do not pressure wash it. Despite it being built to stay outside, it is not waterproof. Pressure washers can send water into small openings around the panel door and lead to serious damage—the kind that puts you and anyone in your home at risk. 

House Siding

Most people use pressure washers to clean their siding, but they don’t realize the damage it is causing. Unless you have new brick and mortar, you probably shouldn’t pressure wash your house. Vinyl siding can be cut by pressure washers, wood siding can absorb too much moisture, and old mortar and stucco can be broken down by the high pressure. 

Window and Glass

Windows are one of the most frequently broken things by pressure washer. Pressure washers have settings that send water at such speeds it can easily shatter a window. Even if you don’t notice it straight away, glass and windowpanes can have microcracks in them after a pressure washing which will eventually get bigger. 

Don’t Risk Your Property, Call Red River Softwash

There’s no point in cleaning your home’s exterior if you end up with a huge repair bill. Avoid any damage to your roof, siding, and home exterior by letting Red River Softwash handle it. We use low-pressure techniques to gently clean your property without any risk of damaging the surface beneath. Give us a call at 903-276-3990 for a free estimate.

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